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Web Summit Qatar

Web Summit Qatar was a resounding success. The event served as a commendation to the international startup hub on its website. Among the attendees were the IIC team and numerous successful entrepreneurs.

Web Summit Qatar, inaugural event in the Middle East made history with over 1,000 startups from 81 countries participating, marking the largest gathering of international startups in the region. Notably, 31% of these startups were founded by women, representing 56 countries such as the US, Qatar, UAE, India, and the UK. Web Summit Qatar’s proud to report that 37% of attendees and 30% of speakers were women, reflecting its commitment to gender diversity and inclusivity.
The event also featured renowned comediant Trevor Noah, alongside tech giants Microsoft and SpaceX. The conference provided an inspiring blend of technology, entrepreneurship, and entertainment to its participants.

Web Summit Qatar emerged as a platform where the brightest ideas for the future of technology and business were shared. Participants had the opportunity to explore cutting-edge technology trends and closely follow innovations in the global business world.
A diverse range of participants attended the event, including entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders, who came together to explore new business opportunities and assess collaboration possibilities. Additionally, interactive sessions were organized to discuss the latest developments in technology and determine future trends.

Web Summit Qatar not only facilitated knowledge sharing but also provided an opportunity to build a global network. The atmosphere of innovation and collaboration brought everyone together, sparking excitement for future projects. This event once again highlighted Qatar’s increasing significance and potential in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship.
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