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DEVCAMP is a software developer training program that we started in 2020 in order to eliminate the shortfall of software developers in the domestic and foreign markets. This program aims to make the participants with a certain infrastructure quickly do business under market conditions in a period of 3-4 months. Participants are primarily selected from university students. Candidates who are expected to have intermediate level English and beginner level software knowledge are selected by exam and interview and are trained in groups.

Training is given online and physically by known experts in the sector . Our trainers are the leading names in the sector who have been operating in software companies in the market for many years. The language of program is English. At the end of the training, successful candidates are provided with support in finding a job.

At the end of this period of 3-4 months, the candidates acquire a good level of knowledge on advanced web site design with NET Core MVC, web site design, application coding with C# .NET, Object Oriented Programming, Microsoft SQL Server, database etc.

If you want to take an accelerated software course from the best experts, apply to the program now.