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Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of people visiting the website operated by Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum (ICYF) is one of the first principals of ICYF. This Privacy Policy contains the features of protecting personal data policy, disposal policy and clarification text, the privacy rules which ICYF follows when conducting the activities under ICYF.

  1. Data Supervisor

Due to the requirements of current technology, personal data is processed by Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum holding the title of data supervisor and is located at “Istanbul World Trade Center, A3 Block, 7th Floor. 34149 Bakirköy/İstanbul, Türkiye” in line with the procedures below.

  1. The Purpose and Legal Reasons of Processing Personal Data

When you become a member of our website and/or benefit from our services, we need some personal information such as your name, surname, e-mail address, affiliated institution information, mobile phone number, sex, date of birth, academic fields of interest, country, province and county of residence, occupation, educational and occupational history, IP address used to access to our website, current location information, id and password used on our website, browser type and version, operating system and information of the websites that enabled you to access to our website in order to provide you a better service and to fulfill our contractual obligations. Aside from these information, collective statistical data that do not include any personal data such as frequency and dates of visiting our website are processed in order to analyze and understand the visitor activity and preferences.

Personal data collected in our website;

We can combine the data regarding the website visits with anonymous demographic information and use this information collectively to provide more beneficial content. We can make a profiling by combining the website’s visiting data with your personal data in order to provide a customized content in our website.

Our legal obligations requiring us to process the personal data arise from European Union General Data Protection Regulation (“Regulation“), Personal Data Protection Law numbered 6698 (“Law”), Turkish Criminal Code numbered 5237 and secondary legislation. Furthermore, we need to process our member’s information to fulfill our liabilities under the execution of agreements signed within our commercial and other bilateral relations established under aforementioned legislation and the execution of other bilateral and multilateral cooperation protocols and to provide you the best service.

  1. Principles of Processing Personal Data

Your personal data are processed by ICYF within International Incubation Center in line with the following principles.

  • Processing According to the Law and Good Faith

ICYF acts in line with good faith during its activities of processing personal data. In this regard, ICYF does not process personal data for purposes other than the ones announced to the related people.

  • Enabling Personal Data to be Accurate and Up to date When Required

Necessary precautions are taken, and disposal processes are regulated within the bounds of technical possibilities for the personal data processed by ICYF to be accurate and up to date. Control mechanisms were created to amend and confirm their accuracy in case of an error in the personal data of related people.

  • Processing for Certain, Clear and Legitimate Purposes

Personal data processing activity within ICYF can only be pursued for legitimate purposes in line with predetermined rules and law. Before starting data processing, purposes of processing personal data are determined, and the owners of the data are clearly announced concerning these purposes when obtaining their personal data. If the purposes of ICYF to process personal data change, this Privacy Policy will be updated and the ICYF will exert effort to announce this change to the data owners through possible different channels.

  • Being Related, Limited and Restrained to the Processing Purpose

Personal data are processed within the purposes predetermined by the ICYF and it is avoided to process the personal data which is not related to the purpose. Only the personal data required for the determined purposes are collected from the related people.

  • Holding for a Period Provided for in the Related Legislation or Required for the Processing Purpose

ICYF holds the personal data only for a period stated in the related legislation or required for the processing purpose. In this regard, if a period is provided for in the related legislation to hold the personal data, personal data are held within these durations, or the period required according to the processing purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

  1. The Places Where the Personal Data Is Transferred and The Purpose of Transfer

Your personal data can be transferred to our authorized website members, business partners, tax consultants, subcontractors, relevant official public enterprises under the legal obligations and Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. within the procurement of hosting service in line with the related legal legislation and membership relationship. The purpose of processing the personal data is parallel with the purpose of transferring the data.

ICYF can share the collected personal data with the institutions and organizations collaborated to conduct their activities, domestic/foreign people and institutions which they receive service to store the data in cloud environment, domestic/foreign organizations which they have an agreement for sending commercial electronic messages to their members, courier companies, auxiliary means within various promotion activities to provide better service to its members and maintain member satisfaction, domestic and foreign various agents and ad agencies, survey companies, domestic/foreign their people and related business partners.

ICYF collaborates with intermediary institutions for auxiliary works such as sending notification, mail or e-mail on its behalf. We would like to state that your personal data can be shared with these institutions to perform their duties according to the legislation and that the related institutions do not have the right to use these data for any other activity.

  1. The Purpose and Legal Reason of Collecting Personal Data

The personal data are collected electronically and in written by ICYF to conduct our activities with various methods which especially include networks within the ICYF, cookies, partial automatic methods as a part of data recording system. Your personal data can also be processed and transferred in line with the basic principles provided for in the related legislation, data processing conditions and exceptions due to the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Copyright Policy and Terms of Use, explicit consent text taken as a part of membership relationship, all the procedures and rules within our website.

  1. Holding and Deleting the Personal Data

Data processing activities at ICYF are separated on the basis of data categories and in case of removal of legal and operational reason requiring each data group to be processed; deletion, elimination or anonymization transaction in no way that could be associated with a natural person whose identity is detected or can be detected anyhow even if personal data is matched with another data is carried out.

Furthermore, your personal data can be preserved for legal period of limitations in order to fulfill our legal or administrative liabilities or to use our rights (for example, to plead before courts).

  1. Taking Automatic Decisions

Taking automatic decisions is defined as the ability to take a decision without human interference through technology.

7.1. Profiling

Profiling means the evaluation of some personal features about a person and automatically processing personal data to analyze or predict some features of the person such as business performance, economic condition, health, personal, educational and/or professional options, fields of interest, reliability, behavior, location or actions.

Profiling techniques can be used when submitting or sending customized notifications or contents to you. This means that your personal data can be collected by us in the various scenarios and the said data can be used to analyze, evaluate or predict your options, fields of interest, behavior and/or location.

Notifications or contents which are customized according to your fields of interest or requirements can be submitted or sent to you based on the analysis.

You have the right to object for your personal data to be used for “profiling” and to request your data used under this action to be limited.

  1. International Transfer of Your Personal Data

We reserve the right to send your personal data which are being processed to the foreign third people and their subsidiaries within our legal interests after taking all the necessary precautions. In case of procurement of hosting service from countries within European Union, your personal data can be transferred to the related country within the said service. Furthermore, it is possible to transfer personal data to the international organizations which conduct joint activities with ICYF. This transfer is carried out only limited with the purpose of processing.

ICYF can transfer your personal data to foreign countries due to its legitimate and legal data processing purposes in case of acceptance that the required protection can be maintained by the data protection authority of the related country and a “conformity decision” by the European Commission. If the there is no “conformity decision” regarding the countries to which the personal data are transferred and the Institution deems the countries in question cannot maintain the required protection, the aforementioned personal data will be transferred to the related country following the written commitment from data supervisors of these countries concerning to maintain the required protection.

  1. Cookies

Cookies are small files which website sends to the computers or other devices which are connected to internet in order to identify the browser or to keep some information or settings in the browser. The browser may notify you in case of certain cookies or it can inform you regarding how to limit or deactivate some cookies. You may not exploit all the features of the website without the cookies. Analysis services presented by third people such as Coro metrics and Google Analytics can be used in our website. Service providers conducting these services analyze how the visitors use the website by using the technologies such as cookies, records of internet provider and internet cursor. The information acquired through these tools (including the IP addresses) are shared with related service providers that will use this information to evaluate the usage of websites. The content of pixel cursor can be used by us if the website is visited, or the sent e-mails are opened.

You can read our Cookie Policy in the link to get more detailed information about cookie usage.

  1. Precautions on Maintaining the Safety of Personal Data

In line with the importance given for the protection of personal data and data security, and in accordance with the provisions of relevant Law and Regulation, ICYF takes any technical and administrative measure concerning the provision of proper security level in order to;

– prevent the processing of personal data against the law,

– prevent the access to personal data against the law,

– preserve personal data.

  1. Your Rights and Options

In this chapter 11, your rights have been summarized regarding the data protection legislation. ICYF will not charge a fee for the first request of using these rights. However, a fee may be charged for the following request regarding the same issue or if the process requires a further cost in the first request.

  1. Right to Be Informed:

You have the right to be clearly, transparently and eloquently regarding how to use your personal data. Therefore, the information in this Privacy Policy will be provided to you.

  1. Right to Access:

You have the right to receive a confirmation on whether your data will be processed or not, and in case of being processed, to access your personal data along with additional information. The said additional information contains details about processing purposes, related personal data categories and personal data receivers. We will provide you a copy of your personal data unless the rights and freedom of others remain unaffected.

  1. Right to Request Amendment:

You have the right to request your wrong or old-dated personal data to be amended; and your missing personal data to be completed. You have the right to request amendment as a part of related legislation, and we would also like to state that your personal data in our website can be easily amended and updated in the related part of your personal page.

  1. Right to be Deleted/Forgotten:

You have the right to request your personal data to be deleted without a reasonable delay in some cases. However, there are exceptions for the right to be deleted. General exceptions are the situations when the processing is required, and they include the situations which require processing to use the right of expression and information, perform the legal obligations or establish, implement, or defend legal claims.

  1. Right to Limit Processing:

In some cases, you have the right to limit the processing of your personal data. The cases in question are as follows: it is the phase to evaluate whether our legitimate interests prevail your right and freedom in cases of objection to the accuracy of your personal data; when the processing is against the laws but you objected the deletion; if we do not require processing your personal data any further but we need these data to establish, implement or defend our legal claims and if you object your data to be processed in line with our legitimate interests. In case of limitations of processing due to these reasons, we reserve the right to keep your personal data. However, we will process your personal data only within your consent; to establish, implement or defend legal claims; to protect another real or legal person’s rights or in case of an important public interest. You have the right to request limiting the processing within the related legislation, and you can also use option to suspend your personal account through your personal page on the website instead of using this right or along with using this right. If you use the suspending option, third people’s access to your personal data in your personal page and the processing of these personal data will be stopped if the suspension. We reserve our right to keep your personal data as well in case of using the suspending option.

  1. Right to Object Processing:

Upon being limited to cases when the processing is required for the execution of a duty conducted on behalf of public interest or for the use of an official authority given to data supervisor or when the processing is required for data supervisor or a third person to reach legal interests; you have the right to object your personal data to be processed in line with your exception. In case of such an objection, we will stop processing your personal data when you do not present legitimate reasons which are more significant than your interests, rights and freedom or in cases when the processing does not arise from establishing, implementing or defending legal claim.

You have the right to object your personal data to be processed directly for marketing purposes (including profiling directly for marketing purposes). In case of such an objection, we will stop processing your personal data in line with these purposes.

If the processing is not required to conduct a duty for the public interest, you have the right to object your personal data to be processed in line with purposes of scientific, historical research or statistical data acquisition upon being limited to these exceptions.

  1. Right of Data Portability:

You have the right to convey, transfer or copy your personal data from our database to another one as far as enabled by the current technological possibilities. These rights are only limited with situations when the personal data provided by you are processed automatically based on an agreement or your consent.

  1. Right to Withdraw Consent:

In cases when the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw this consent anytime. This withdrawal will not prejudice the processing’s compliance with laws regarding the data processed before withdrawal.

  1. Right to Make a Complaint to the Authorized Body:

If you believe that our processing your personal data caused a violation within regulation on data protection, you have the right to make a complaint about personal data protection to the authorized institution. We will always try to resolve your complain at the first stage and you can always get in contact with us by our contact information given below before applying to the authorized institution.

You can send an email to to get more information about Privacy Policy or to submit any request concerning your aforementioned rights. You can also contact us in written via registered and reply to paid letter to the address below:

“Islamic Cooperation Youth Forum”

“Istanbul World Trade Center, A3 Block, 7th Floor. 34149 Bakirköy/Istanbul, Türkiye”

Our website may provide links to other websites for you to acquire information and to maintain ease. These websites may be run independently of ICYF. The websites whose links are given may have their own privacy notifications and policies, and if you visit any website whose link is given, it is strongly advised you to examine privacy notifications and policies of these websites. ICYF is not responsible for these websites, usage of the related websites, the content in the websites in question or the privacy of websites unless these websites are controlled or owned by ICYF.

This Privacy Policy, issued by the ICYF under International Incubation Center, may be periodically updated without prior notice to demonstrate our personal data practices. In case of any important change made to our Privacy Policy, a pop-up notification will appear on our website in order to notify our visitor accordingly. Additionally, you can find the last updated date of this Privacy Policy at the beginning of this Privacy Policy.