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Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023 Türkiye

Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2023 Türkiye/İstanbul

İstanbul: Global Startup Hub! 
Boasting a young, tech-savvy population and a strategic location, İstanbul is poised to be the next big startup destination. The goal is ambitious: nurture 100,000 tech startups and achieve 100 unicorns (“Turcorns”) by 2030.
📌 Highlights from report:
🔵 Leading the Pack: İstanbul claims the #1 spot in the Strong Starters ranking, with a 60% increase in early-stage deals and a 35% rise in deal amounts from GSER 2022.
🔵 Investment Powerhouse: İstanbul raised $358 million in 2022, totaling $1.4 billion in five years, with 75 VC funds and global investors like Accel and Goldman Sachs actively involved.
🔵 Gaming Success: Hosting 200+ gaming startups, İstanbul attracted $437 million in investments in 2022, making Dream Games the second gaming unicorn in Turkey with a $225 million Series C.
🔵 Fintech Innovation: With 600+ active fintechs, İstanbul embraces innovation-friendly regulations. Param pioneers the Buy Now, Pay Later model, and a draft law establishes the Istanbul Finance Center.
🔵 Robust Support: Government agencies like TUBITAK and KOSGEB provide extensive grants. İstanbul’s free trade zones, technoparks, and programs like TUBITAK BIGG offer strong support

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